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We've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions below.  If you can't find the question / answer you are looking for on this page, select "Search" (LINK).  We'll search the entire site for you.  If you'd like to ask your own question, click "CONTACT US"  on the front page of the site and we'll get back to you with an answer.

 Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I mail my dues payment?

St. James Plantation POA

c/o CASPO Box 94707

Las Vegas, NV 89193-4707

Note: Be sure to put the account number on your check.

Can I pay my dues by credit card?

Property Owners can make a credit card payment or e-check payment on the CAS website, There is no fee for an e-check payment but a credit card payment has a fee of $9.95 for each payment.


What is the difference between the four websites for St. James?

St. James is somewhat unique in that there are four major entities involved with St. James Plantation
1) the Developer
2) The Town of St. James
3) The Property Owners’ Association
4) The Clubs of St. James. 

Each one of these organizations has their own website but we are working together to insure that we link to each other where appropriate, and will continue to work together to make your web experience smooth and easy.  

St. James Properties’ site ( portrays the St. James lifestyle and experience.  It is a very interactive, fun and informative site.

The Town of St. James’ site ( provides information about the business of the incorporated Town of St. James.  The Town includes the St. James Plantation as well as area outside the gated community that have been annexed to the Town.  The Fire Department and EMS, Emergency Management, and Environmental issues such as recycling and firewise topics are included on the site.

The Property Owners’ Association ( provides all the information you could possibly want and need about life in St. James along with the rules and regulations, policies and procedures, and forms that you might need to do business with the POA.  The Clubs and Groups section will continue to grow as our very active residents formulate their ‘mini sites’.

The Clubs at St. James Plantation ( site is operated by Troon, the managing company for the many golf, tennis, athletic centers, pools, etc.) that are managed by the Clubs.  This is the site to make your golf reservations, check our menus and schedules at the various dining facilities, and also see upcoming activities organized by the Club staff.

Where can I get a St. James Name Tag?

St. James name tags are offered 3 times a year in February, June, and October.  Look for ads in the St. James POA’s e-newsletter What’s Up  for instructions on how and where to place your order and to pick up your name tags.


Where can I get a map of the Plantation?

You can obtain a copy of the road and boundary maps of the Plantation at the Town’s office at 4140 Southport-Supply Road, Suite A   or by clicking here:


Where do I purchase a Resident phone directory?

The Resident Directory’s may be purchased at the Town’s office at 4140 Southport-Supply Road, Suite A.  When the Resident Phone Directory is updated and reprinted, the Fire Department will announce the sale, the location and the times.   

How do I get to St. James Plantation? (from Wilmington?  From South Carolina?,+Southport,+NC&daddr=4006+St.+James+Dr+SE,+Southport,+NC+28461-8671+%28St+James+Properties,+LLC%29&hl=en&view=map&geocode=CeTq_LJlATaIFYQ6BgIdQXlY-yESjKIX331aIw&t=m&z=16

Or use any of your navigation tools - - The address of the Town / POA Offices is 4140 Southport-Supply Road, Southport, NC 28461.  The main gate is directly across the street from the Town and POA Offices and the Sales Office.

Whom do I speak to regarding Club Membership?

The Membership Director’s information is located below.  Ms. Jones’ office is located at the Members Club.

Contact: Becky Jones

Clubs Membership Director
Phone: (910) 253-9500 x2
Fax: (910) 253-9611


Who do I report a complaint / issue?

 We would like any complaints or concerns to be submitted to the POA in writing.  This insures that we get all the necessary information from you and that we have your contact information.  You can easily send us your information by clicking on the "Contact Us” envelope on the front page of our website (  A form will appear with all of your contact information automatically populated in the form.  The form will automatically be directed to the POA Office.  If you prepare to send us your concerns via U.S. Mail, please send to:  St. James POA, 4140 Southport-Supply Road, Suite B, Southport, NC 28461.  If this is a Town or Club issue, we will give you the proper point(s) of contact.  You can also reach us by clicking on the "Contact Us”

POA specific responsibilities are:

  • Security and traffic control.
  • Lighting of entrances, boardwalks, sidewalks, and walking paths.
  • Insect and pest control, in supplement to State or other governmental activities.
  • Operations and maintenance of the St. James Beach Club, the Dog Parks, Waterway Park and the Woodlands Park area and the picnic Pavilions at Waterway Park and Woodlands Park.
  • Operation of the following committees: Architectural Control, Communications, Finance,
  • Infrastructure, Landscaping, Nominating, Safety and Security, Transitions.
  • Operation and maintenance of the Library building.
  • Levying and collection of assessments and fees.
  • Development and administration of an annual budget and five year plan.
  • Enforcement of POA Covenants, Rules and Policies. Water, sewer and trash pickup services are provided by Brunswick County.
  • Administration of the Architectural Control Committee.

Conduct annual meeting for Property Owners and elections for the Property Owner members of the Board of Directors

 The Town of St. James specific areas of responsibility are:

  • Providing fire and first responder medical services via a contract with the St. James Volunteer Fire Department.
  • To provide police protection though an agreement with the Brunswick County Sheriff.
  • In coordination with Brunswick County, providing emergency management to the Town.
  • Assessing ad valorem and personal property taxes, which are billed and collected by Brunswick County under contract with the Town.
  • Establishing and administering land use and permitting policies and functions via a Planning Board.
  • Developing an annual town budget and property tax rate and administering town finances in compliance with North Carolina statutes.
  • Conducting local elections through a contract with Brunswick County.
  • Developing and administering the Town’s Comprehensive (Long Range) Plan.
  • Providing appropriate representation of residents in County\State matters.
  • Instituting, as required, local ordinances and resolutions.
  • Providing street lighting for safety via a contract with Brunswick Electric Corp.
  • Providing and managing a town community center.
  • Providing a recycling and yard waste pick up program.
  • Monitoring the activities of county and state agencies to identify issues which might impact the town and, where possible, taking actions to ensure that the interests of the town and its citizens are properly served.
  • Cooperating with the Property Owners’ Association and Developer regarding areas of mutual interest.
  • Monitoring growth issues and establishing programs to address future town needs.


Where do I get an access decal or clicker?

Property owners are entitled to two vehicle RFID (radio frequency identification decals) stickers. Please complete the owner information form available from the POA office and return it to the POA office by mail or fax to 910-253-4808. If you require more than two RFIDs, please send by mail or fax copies of the registrations for all of your vehicles. Each additional RFID costs $20.


Out-of-town property owners are also entitled to two vehicle RFID stickers. Please arrange with the POA office to receive your RFID tags on one of your trips to the plantation, just as a resident would. If you normally rent a car rather than drive to St. James, the POA can arrange for you to use a QuickPass clicker.


If you're selling your car or replacing your windshield, you'll need a new RFID, as the device self-destructs if you try to move it. You may buy a new RFID tag for $20, and your old tag will be deactivated.


Beach Club Access:  Property owners and their immediate families who have RFIDs are issued small stickers for the back of the rearview mirror. Note: be careful not to place your sticker over any sensors.


What should I do when I am expecting a guest or contractor?

 You may contact the St. James Security Gate at 253-7177 or 253-7178.  The guard will ask for your visitor’s name, arrival and departure dates and your pertinent information.  They will have a guest pass available when you guest arrives at the Main Gate.

Most contractors are allowed access in St. James as long as they provide the St. James address.  However, it never hurts to let the Security people know about your contractors. 

Where is the yard debris schedule?

The yard debris schedule is posted on the Town of St. James’ website – front page at the bottom:   Please take note of the schedule routes and the frequency of collection.


Where do I find contact information for the Board and the Committees?

Great question!  You can find that information right here on the website under "POA CONTACTS”.  If you are a property owner, please log in and you will find the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of our Board and Committee members. 

If you are not a property owner, please contact the POA Office at 910-253-4805 and they will help you with your questions.


How can I apply for a position on a Committee?

Committee openings are posted on our website, our blast e-mail system, our twice monthly What’s Up? Newsletter and occasionally in our magazine, Cat-Tales.   The Community Manager will ask for resumes or a short description of the applicant’s background relative to the committee’s areas of responsibility.  A small team will interview the applicants.

Applicants for Board positions are sought by the Nominating Committee.  The slate of applicants is introduced to the Property Owners at a "Meet the Candidates” question and answer forum which is run by the Communications Committee.  The candidates are voted on by the property owners in September.  The results of the voting are announced at the POA Annual Meeting held in October.


What is the Website User ID and Password?

 When you purchase property in St. James, you will be entered in the POA's Property and Member Database system.  The POA office will assign a User ID and password for access into the member-only side of the website,  Once you log in, you can change your user name and password.  Should you forget your password, contact the POA and they will direct you on how to change it.  


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